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We lift our voices to lift others

Welcome to
the RedBank All Stars

Mission Statement:
 "The Downtown All-Stars of Red Bank LLC is a collective of local musicians and performing artists bound together to raise both funds and awareness for charities and worthy causes using the immeasurable power of music." 

Our motto: “We lift our voices to lift others.”

CD Release Party!

Our new CD, "Magic on the Navesink" is being released on February 22, 2017 at the Red Bank Vet Fest, to be held at the Red Bank Elks Lodge #233
40 West Front Street, Red Bank, NJ
.  Artists performing will be:
  • Colossal Street Jam
  • Strumberry Pie
  • Johnny Hathaway
  • Scott Elk
  • Dawn Hopkins
  • Santa Ray
  • Rene Avila
  • DJ Panelli
  • Medicated Pete
  • Carol Barbieri, and more!
  • Admission is $20 (vets & active duty service members - $10) which includes a copy of the new CD! Proceeds go to the Red Bank Elks Lodge Veteran's Charity.

    Further information regarding our new CD can be found on our Facebook page. Preview "Magic on the Navesink" below at our Online Store, where you can purchase the physical album or download the Mp3. Also, be sure to check out our 2013 release, "Bright Lights on Broad Street", our initial compilation, featuring 16 tracks of some of the best local original music from Red Bank, that cool little town on the Jersey Shore.

    Why Donate to the Red Bank All Stars?

    Your generous gift will help The All-Stars continue their mission to uplift the community. Even small change can make a positive change in somebody's life."